• By
    Ann C. Schauber

Ann Schauber introduces you to the vision and mission of Caracolores, LLC, working with diversity issues and personal growth.

Caracolores seeks to awaken our inner and interconnections through cultural facilitation and training in 1’s, 2’s and 3’s:


  • Working with the individual
  • Working with interpersonal relationships
  • Working with groups of all sizes for the development of a more inclusive community.

Caracolores envisions a world where all humans are consciously aware of our interconnectedness.

As interconnected peoples, we focus our energy and resources on

  • Supporting the spiritual well-being of everyone
  • Encouraging the blossoming of every person’s gifts and talents and inner knowing
  • Understanding and appreciating the cultural differences in our values, perceptions, and behaviors
  • Developing the skills to work with our differences for the betterment of all

The purpose of this website is two-fold:


  • We want to provide you with inspiration and resources for your life journey to be as alive and effective as possible in a culturally diverse environment.
  • We want to let you know about the services we offer you individually, in your interpersonal relationships from a cross-cultural prospective, and in your workplace

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Take the Journey of Awarefulness

  • By
    Ann C. Schauber
Awarefulness: Journey from Misery to Joyful Living by Namita Gandhji and Ann C. Schauber.

Journey from Misery to Joyful Living

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ISBN 978-0-9988662-0-8192 pages. Self-help Book

Eliminate the negative stories in your head in this self-help book


One of our greatest aspirations is to live a life of joy, peace, and ease. Yet all too often misery, depression, and anxiety can rob us of this goal. Why are these invisible disabilities so prevalent in our daily life?

Namita Gandhi and Ann Schauber take us on a journey to a clearer understanding of this human condition. We are invited to undertake the journey of Awarefulness – the quality of being fully aware, not just of our outward surroundings, but also of our inner landscape of thoughts, feelings, and beliefs.

Through Awarefulness we come to an understanding of how our mind works, both as a hindrance and as a helpful tool to joyful living. This book offers a proven practice rooted both in ancient wisdom traditions and in the cutting-edge science of brain plasticity. As we undertake this journey to Awarefulness, we will be supported in:

  • becoming aware of the cause of our unhappiness in life;
  • learning how to unpack and clear away unwanted thoughts, feelings and beliefs; and
  • learning ways to practice joyful living.
Ann Schauber and Namita Gandhi, authors of Awarefulness
Ann Schauber and Namita Gandhi, authors of Awarefulness

Rich in personal stories, reflection questions, and meditation practices, Awarefulness is both a self-help guide and a workbook we can refer to again and again. The book gently guides us on a journey of inquiry undertaken by the authors themselves and people they have worked with over the years, culminating in deeper wisdom and a more joyful life.


Read a sample of the book – (click to view, right-click to download) AWAREFULNESS Sample


Awarefulness Workshop and Coaching (click here)



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