Experiencing Subtle Energy in the Body

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Individual ~ Spiritual Self

Have you ever been somewhere in public and had the sense that someone was staring at you?  When you glanced around, did you find you were right?  You experienced an energetic connection (whether it was welcomed or not).

Rub your hands together for about 30 seconds.  Now slowly pull them away from each other.  Do you feel some connection between your two hands?  You may not see the connection, but you can feel it.  This is what it feels like to sense energy in the body and outside of the body.

The practice of yoga includes sensing the energy moving in the subtle (energetic) body.  You practice focusing and moving the energy with your breath.  You use your attention to move your breath into every part of your body.  You can feel the energy of this movement.

The more you focus your attention on your subtle energetic self, the more you sense it.  The more you sense this energy, the more information and guidance you can receive from your spiritual self.  Accessing your spiritual self adds creativity and expansiveness to your life.

There are many techniques besides using the breath to access your spiritual energetic self.  Some of them include, meditation, yoga, work with your chakras, your feelings, and your intuition.

For me, the breath is a powerful symbol of the intersection of the intercultural with the spiritual.  While we all breathe the same air as we connect with one another, our breath also connects each of us with our inner energetic self.  In Hawaii people say, “Aloha,” which means we share breath; we are connected through our breath.

Ann Schauber

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