What is the Spiritual Self?

Untitled 9, original collage painting by Rebecca Kirk

Individual flower

Individual ~ Cultural Self

May the Force be with you!

The simplest way to describe the spiritual self is that unseen part of who we are that provides our physical self with insight, intuition, and other ways of knowing and being beyond what our five senses experience in the physical world.  Our five senses and our emotions may be access points or portals into experiencing the spiritual self.

For example, I can be in your physical presence and through my sight of you and proximity to you I can feel energy flowing between us.  I feel a slight dizziness and it is usually quite pleasant.  There have also been times when the energy I have felt around someone is very uncomfortable. (I usually take in this sensation and then become curious about what this means for me.)

To me, the spiritual self is what connects us to one another.  The tag line for Caracolores is “Awakening our inner and interconnections.”

As we become more aware of our inner self, that is, our inner ways of knowing, and as we begin accessing information beyond the five senses, we tap into a greater part of who we are.  This greater awareness provides us with information that includes our spiritual purpose for being here in this life and guidance on what actions to take as we carry out our spiritual purpose.  We begin to live our life more from an inner compass rather than completely from an outer compass.

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