Relationships, in 2’s

Always clean up your messes.

In 2’s – Interpersonal Relationships—we help awaken our inner and interconnections through mediation, guided conversations, and workshops.

All relationships include cultural differences and cultural similarities. It is the degree of cultural differences and similarities that affect how easy or difficult it is for two people to get along.

Two flowersThe more you know about your spiritual and cultural self, and the more open and curious you are about the other person in the relationship, the greater the possibility that you can work with your differences in a way that allows them to become assets to your interconnectedness rather than obstacles.

Essential for success are

  • effective communication skills;
  • awareness of the effect of your culture on others; and
  • openness, curiosity, authenticity, vulnerability.

Sometimes you need a neutral third party (a facilitator) to help you see more of what’s going on in the relationship. In this role we can help you discover

  • cultural perceptions, assumptions, or behaviors that you did not see;
  • missing pieces in the story; and
  • what you truly want in the relationship.