Spiritual Awareness

Two flowers


How would my life be different if I spent every moment consciously aware that I am a spiritual being having a human experience?

My sense is that I would be more conscious of the interconnection of myself with all other humans (as well as all of nature).

The best way I know to become more aware of myself as a spiritual being is to connect with others from an energetic perspective. The most effective way to sense the movement of energy is to feel it, to become aware of and express my emotional self. Sometimes this is easy to do, and other times it is more difficult.

When I am aware of my feelings inside my body, the energy is flowing. When I feel emotions in connection with others from a place of compassion and forgiveness, then the energy is flowing. I sense our interconnectedness.

Sometimes there are blocks to the movement of this energy, both within myself and/or between others and myself. When I am spiritually aware, I can feel it when my energy is flowing and when my energy is blocked. When it is blocked, I must do the emotional work necessary to clear away the distortion so that the energy, my spiritual essence, can flow freely with a sense of interconnectedness.

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