3s ~ Community

In 3’s – groups, teams, departments, organizations

Where three or more are gathered, we help awaken our inner and interconnections through workshops, cultural competency assessments, facilitation and strategic planning.

Group of flowers
In a group of people from varying cultural backgrounds (e.g., men and women; young and old; gay and straight; formally and non-formally educated; Latino, Black, White, and Asian; U.S. East Coast and West Coast) some group members may dominate and others may hold back who they are and what they have to offer. People with different learning styles will take in information and make sense of it differently. Group members will have differing views of what is so, which can affect morale and organizational outcomes.

Over time, group members can learn to navigate these differences, but a dynamic tension may still be in the air. Optimum group dynamics are possible when these group attributes are nurtured and supported:

  • Culturally and spiritually self-aware individuals
  • The practice of effective communication skills
  • An acceptance of cultural differences
  • The ability to adapt to these differences
  • Consensus agreement on who we are as a group and what we can achieve together within a given time frame.
  • Time to play and have fun together


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