A Path Toward Inclusivity in
a Multicultural World

Group of flowers

Community ~ Assessment

We all have gifts and talents to share.

Everyone can effectively contribute their gifts and talents when they feel respected and validated.

You Need

Skills to Cultivate

Cross-cultural awareness

Internalized knowledge

Practiced Intercultural skills


Personal Leadership

Emotional intelligence & diversity

Mutual adaptation when applying intercultural awareness, knowledge, and skills

Create a win-win situation

Self and Others

Intercultural communication

Cross-cultural conflict

Multicultural counseling

Power, privilege, & oppression

Acknowledgment of bonds and boundaries

Ingroups with Outgroups

Intergroup relations

Intergroup conflict

Organizational culture

Awareness of organizational culture

Consciously revising norms, practices, and policies to be more inclusive of difference while honoring organizational vision and mission


Organizational climate

Organizational change

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