About Us

Our Vision

Caracolores envisions a world where all humans are consciously aware of our interconnectedness.
As interconnected peoples, we focus our energy and resources on

  • Supporting the spiritual well-being of everyone
  • Encouraging the blossoming of every person’s gifts and talents and inner knowing
  • Understanding and appreciating the cultural differences in our values, perceptions, and behaviors
  • Developing the skills to work with our differences for the betterment of all

Our Mission

Caracolores seeks to awaken our inner and interconnections through cultural facilitation and training in 1’s, 2’s and 3’s:

  1. Working with the individual
  2. Working with interpersonal relationships
  3. Working with groups of all sizes for the development of a more inclusive community.

Our Approach

We provide educational services

  • in coaching of the individual
  • in mediation and facilitated conversations between two people
  • in workshops and facilitation of groups

…toward the goal of


  • deeper connection and harmony between the inner and outer self
  • improved communication and understanding between individuals
  • greater knowledge and skill in individual, interpersonal and intercultural communication
  • clearer consensus among groups for furthering their organization or community’s purpose

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