Ann Schauber

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I am the daughter of the milkman; thus was set in motion my inner work of blending the feminine (milk) self with the masculine (man) self. My family was part of the rural to urban migration in the early 1950’s; thus I am part of that movement of seeking to better my own life.

Ann C. Schauber

A brief look at Ann’s spiritual and cultural journey

In the 1960’s I wondered why all the girls screamed so loud around the Beatles and I loved their music. As I was finishing high school, I knew I was going to college because I felt like I hadn’t learned all the answers to my questions yet. I had no idea what college was; I just knew it was the next grade you go into. Now I have a Ph.D. and all my questions are still not answered.

Purely by accident, I became a 4-H Community Development Agent with the University of Delaware Cooperative Extension Service in 1973. This was the beginning of my 30-year University Extension career in grass-roots community organizing, supporting practical learning for people of all ages. While my role was one of organizer, facilitator, and teacher, I am indeed the one who learned the most, and I have loved my work.

I migrated from the east coast to the west coast with my husband, Alan, in 1978 to continue my 4-H work in a large more urban county (as large as the entire state of Delaware) through Oregon State University Extension. Here I learned that there is a very different sense of humor between the east coast and the west coast. I had to learn to hold my tongue and not blurt out the cutting, sarcastic remarks that would have been hilarious on the east coast. My learning in effective interpersonal communication was intense.

My work with 4-H and Partners of the Americas took me to Costa Rica where I fell in love with the people, the culture, and the language. This immersion experience launched me into the field of intercultural communication, and I embraced it with a passion.

Toward the end of my career with the University, I found myself immersed in learning about the “True Self” in a Wisdom school in Montana. This was an in-depth experience of non-linear, non-thinking, spiral learning. I began to learn more about the spiritual energetic self.

Most recently, I have been intrigued with blending what I have learned in my spiritual journey with my intercultural work. Caracolores is my attempt to bring the spiritual realm into the intercultural realm. The adventure of my life continues.

View my curriculum vitae here.

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