I believe that every person has a purpose for being here on earth.  We tend to fall into “doing” whatever it is we are here for.  We may or may not know what it is until we find ourselves in it.

My purpose, it seems, is to connect people.  I connect them to themselves, their own inner wisdom; and I connect them to one another, through a greater understanding and acceptance of their differences.  A deeper connection to self

and others enhances one’s effectiveness in their work life and in the volunteer groups they may participate in.  I love to bring all of this out through group facilitation.  To facilitate means to make it easy for a group to fulfill its purpose for coming together.

My life has provided opportunities for me to learn how to connect people at the individual, interpersonal, and group levels.  As a kid I organized all the neighborhood kids, and we created plays for our parents.  We had our own backyard theater, enhancing our sense of community.  In high school I learned what it felt like to be excluded and how that impacted me.  In college I became a resident life director working with hundreds of students to support them in navigating college life.  As a graduate student I wrote a curriculum used nationwide in effective interpersonal communication skills for adolescents.

During my career I lived in Costa Rica for several months, learning the language and the culture.  For the first time I experienced what it was like to be a “foreigner,” not understanding the ways of the local culture.  This experience led me to my doctoral work in intercultural communication, where I was able integrate theory with my experiences.  I began to see how our cultural differences made sense. With every individual and group I work with, I learn along with them how to continually enhance our understanding and our connections with one another.

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