Kenya Richard and Anju Parmer

Anju Parmer and Kenya Richard ponder cultural differences at a Union Women’s Leadership Conference.

Caracolores seeks to awaken our inner and interconnections through cultural facilitation and training in 1′s, 2′s and 3′s:

We provide educational services

  1. in coaching of the individual
  2. in mediation and facilitated conversations between two people
  3. in workshops and facilitation of groups

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  • Individuals – blending a spiritual and intercultural approach to bring out the best in each of us

    Ann inspires possibilities.  She helped me to look beyond what is or what I thought should be.  She looks to what could be! Kristi Amsberry, Corvallis, Oregon

  • In mediation and small group conversations — using deep listening and a gentle facilitation that brings clarity to interpersonal relationships

    Ann’s intelligence, courage, humor, empathy, and willingness to share make her the ideal mediator when situations come to impasse.  Gratefully, I found her thorough preparation before the conference, enabled her to sort through basic assumptions that under laid a conflict I was part of, and provided an avenue for new understandings.  I give an enormous thank-you to Ann for her impressive skill in creating a win-win situation for everyone! Kathy Kint, Whitefish, Montana

Workshops and Facilitation

  • Retreats – in an inclusive environment to bring out the gifts and wisdom of each person gathered for the good of the whole

    Thank you so very much for leading our wonderful retreat last Saturday. The board has spring to life thanks to your help. Molly and Ron, both of whom have long-term experience with the board, said Monday’s meeting was the best they had ever attended. I was especially inspired by thinking about what we can be when we are thriving.Jean Marie Walker, Board Chair, St. Anselm’s Episcopal Higher Education Ministry, Oregon State University

  • Strategic planning – bringing forth the creative inspiration of each person participating to create a concrete sense of direction for your group; includes strategies for keeping the momentum going once you are back in your everyday work life

    I thought that today was a great day!  We got so much planning done and now we have a very do-able plan to take into fall term and to move us toward that goal for five years from now.  Thank you so much for all the effort and good will you put into working with us—-and thank you for the welcoming atmosphere, the coffee, the scones, and the lunches. I feel really good that we created a good, solid plan to move us forward. You made the work so much easier because we know that you understand and value what we do and why we do it. Janet Nishihara, Director, Educational Opportunity Program, Oregon State University

  • Intercultural competency development – taking your group one step at a time from where you are to the next level in working effectively with our human differences
  • Working with diversity – facilitated dialogue to encourage participants to see and work with their human differences with the intention of adding a greater richness to your work together
  • Effective communication in the workplace – techniques to clean up your messes in interpersonal relationships and to talk about what you are hesitant to bring up with others in the workplace with the intention of creating a healthier work environment

    Thank you, Ann for your instruction. I heard “the only person that you could change is yourself.” But now I understand it at a much deeper level. Heather Chan, Vancouver, Canada

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