Caracolores offers inspiration and resources for you to be as alive and effective as possible in a culturally diverse environment. Click on our Resources and Publications buttons at the top of the page to learn more.

Mission and Vision

 Caracolores seeks to awaken our inner and inter-connections through facilitation, coaching, and training with a focus on

  • Increasing one’s awareness and knowledge
  • Enhancing one’s relationships
  • Creating more inclusive work groups and communities.


Caracolores envisions a world where all humans are respected and supported, resulting in

  • Our well-being
  • Blossoming of our gifts and talents
  • Appreciating the cultural differences in our values, perceptions, and behaviors
  • Developing the skill to work with our differences for the betterment of all.

Why a Snail?

Cara (face) and Colores (colors) – Colors of Faces
Caracol – snail shell, which is spiral shaped.

The Caracol (spiral) in Caracolores represents the continual journey of learning – an unfolding.   Just as the snail shell grows with the snail, so do we humans grow in our awareness of who we are. Some fear that working with our human diversity will result in a loss of who we are. Caracolores helps us face that fear and learn more about ourselves, awakening our inner and inter connections.



The snail: a symbol of the self

The snail is a symbol for protecting our vulnerable emotions and spirit. The challenge for the snail is to learn to trust and balance both the protective self and the trusting self. The snail contains both male and female parts in its body; thus it incorporates both masculine and feminine characteristics. As humans, we are learning how to balance those male and female aspects of ourselves, the male supports and the female empathizes and cares for ourselves and others. Inside the snail shell, there is an essence of a being which has much to offer the world. The symbol of the snail calls us to look at the walls and shells we have built around us and to know that learning and knowing is not stagnant.

As we grow and learn, we recognize that change takes time. Life is a journey. We are slow to change, just as the snail is slow in its progress forward. Patience is required.

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