Awarefulness: Journey from Misery to Joyful by Namita Gandhji and Ann C. Schauber.

Journey from Misery to Joyful Living

ISBN 978-0-9988662-0-8

192 pagesSelf-help Book

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Namita Gandhi and Ann Schauber take us on a journey to a clearer understanding of this human condition. We are invited to undertake the journey of Awarefulness – the quality of being fully aware, not just of our outward surroundings, but also of our inner landscape of thoughts, feelings, and beliefs.


Working With Differences in Communities

Working with Differences in Communities


Obtain a copy of this publication from
Oregon State University Extension Service


Ideal for personal-growth study groups, for staff in business or agency human-resource departments, and for organizations that work on diversity issues. A gentle yet challenging look at ways to change the world by changing one’s onw intercultural relationships. Discusses differences in communication styles, sense of time and space, and power dynamics. Ilustrated throughout; references. Oregon State University Extension Service, Manual 13. Published March 2002. 356 pages.