Caracolores offers inspiration and resources for you to be as alive and effective as possible in a culturally diverse environment. Click on our Resources and Publications buttons at the top of the page to learn more. Click on our Services button in “About Us” to see what we offer you in person.


Mission and Vision

 Caracolores seeks to awaken our inner and inter-connections through facilitation, coaching, and training with a focus on

  • Increasing one’s awareness and knowledge
  • Enhancing one’s relationships
  • Creating more inclusive work groups and communities.

Group of flowers

Caracolores envisions a world where all humans are respected and supported, resulting in

  • Our well-being
  • Blossoming of our gifts and talents
  • Appreciating the cultural differences in our values, perceptions, and behaviors
  • Developing the skill to work with our differences for the betterment of all.

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